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dtsxmas.001Felices Fiestas para tod@s nuestr@s seguidor@s y los mejores deseos para el año venidero, en el cual #BrainFit les traerá los mejores workshops y training en diseño de servicios e innovación cada mescon el respaldo de DesignThinkers Academy

Happy Holidays to all our followers and our best wishes for the coming year. Stay tuned for our #BrainFit calendar with the best workshops and trainings in service design and innovation with the support of Designthinkers Academy

Urban Trends Dubai 2011/12 by Algo Bueno

From Nov 30 to Dec 8 we´ll be exploring Dubai, hunting for trends and innovative creation at the megametropolis of the eastern world, One of the most ambitious projects of the century, the city of Dubai offers visitors the most impressive architectural and technological developments of the Arab world.

Economical transformations of the global market have affected the Dubai project, currently facing more than one delay or unexpected situation in its development. New visitors, residents, creators and dynamics make of Dubai a trend mecca for the future, offering trend researchers a new view about many aspects of contemporary life (technology, luxury architecture, society, wealth, etc) . The east/west dialogue here has a new meaning as the presence of multiple cultures and beliefs produce infinite lifestyles that make the city move and change.

Our Journey will explore the urban lexicon, emerging aesthetics, bridges for creation, relationship and technology, urban dynamics, lifestyle exchange and consumption, habitat and environment and their interactions towards the development of new products and services in town.

Thanks to the invitation of Creative Dialog Association and the support of Dubai Culture, Tashkeel, Kingston University, Elisava School of Design in Barcelona, emirati artists and designers will explore the city with us for a week, finding inspiration and methodologies for new products, services and experiences in this wonderful city. Understanding the present to build future scenarios is the motto this time.