Videopolis 2011 Barcelona en FNAC Forums

2011 ha sido un año interesante para Videopolis primero se presentó en el Auditorio Pablo VI de la Universidad Javeriana en Bogotá Colombia a través del programa de Artes Visuales, con quienes hicimos una videoconferencia y charla en directo con el público sobre la películas proyectadas. Posteriormente hicimos el link con el programa de Digital Arts de la Universidad de Tampa en Estados Unidos con quienes colaboramos en proyecciones y participación de los estudiantes en Videopolis.

Para el segundo semestre del año, hemos realizado un acuerdo con FNAC por el medio del cual cada mes se presentarán proyecciones y workshops de Videopolis 2011 en un FNAC Forum de Barcelona.  Las primera tiendas FNAC Participantes son FNAC Arenas, La Maquinista y L´Illa en donde realizaremos la presentación de cortos, documentales, animaciones, videoclips, y cortos experimentales provenientes de más de 25 países y centrados en historias urbanas.

El taller Short Movies in your Pocket se realizará en cada una de las tiendas FNAC de barcelona y  los trabajos finalizados se incluirán en la sección Videopolis Lab para ser proyectados dentro de la programación. Es gratuito y solo se necesita un teléfono móvil o cámara de fotos, un computador portátil y una historia que contar.

Videopolis se ha ido nutriendo de trabajos talentosos en los últimos 4 años e invitamos a todos los realizadores a participar a través de nuestros canales y grupos en las redes sociales. para mas info:

Adding Some Magic to the Factory

The toy retail business is a very different world. Finding out about it, we have discovered a whole new way of looking at toys, children moms and families. merchandising is a key word and shopping is the new game. 1 month of effective work, 50 product shots, some backgrounds & wallpapaers and a CMS were enough to bring some magic to Magic Factory.

The toy retail business is a very different world.

Finding out about it, we have discovered a whole new way of looking at toys, children moms and families.  merchandising is a key word and shopping is the new game. Toys are not just for kids anymore.

Magic Factory is a franchised network of stores in Spain, that sell merchandising items made mostly in China and distributed across the peninsula. It focuses on objects, toys and personal items licensed under major brands like Disney, Warner, King Features Syndicate (Betty Boop), Sanrio, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon & Viacom,  Marvel, and local brands like FCB Barcelona. These shops sell and promote brands featuring music, films, sports and cartoon characters.

Among all these brands Magic Factory has develop a classification based on sales and permanence. Products related to Betty Boop, Hello Kitty and classical Disney characters like Mickey or  the Princesses are considered permanent and basic, somehow essential. Big impact characters like Sponge Bob, Spiderman or Cars,  are strong and versatile and  attract  younger generations. Third category would be short term brands like Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Ben 10, Gormiti or Patito Feo (Disney LatAm) that come and go very fast and boost sales for one or two season.

The Nostalgic Grownups : one of the things we first noticed while visiting our client was the massive affluence of  women in their 30´s and 40´s buying items like key chains, lighters, pens and watches, not for their kids or nephews but for themselves. That made me think of  another experience at the Barbie shop in Barcelona, where communications were clearly directed to moms raised with a Barbie instead of kids themselves. Grown ups with strong attachments to brands like Barbie, Hello Kitty, Disney or Betty Boop act as preaching fans to their own children and other grown ups about new products and merchandising

Babyboomers & Young Couples: are also a strong presence in the stores, but as far as we could notice they are looking for ¨safe & standard¨ toys and contents for their actual or future children. this search is evident in the amount of questions they ask prior to buying anything. New babies or small children from young couples seem to be the basic parenthood learning course though commodities.

Housewives & Grandparents: a very different approach was noticed when we asked about experienced parents, they know what their children like, how they would react, how to make it look like a reward or as a tool for negotiating with their children. In this case toys become a powerful tool to trade better grades, commitments and changes in behavior. Grandparents also earn points providing those toys parents would deny or cannot afford. Power roles and hard negotiation is also present here.

Teenagers are the oldest population in these stores, usually attending in groups and trying to find a symbol of status, identity affirmation or acceptance trough merchandising and commodities. For them the object is not relevant, but the power it gives to their public image.

Thinking about all these facts we created three pieces of communication: 1. shop window videos that include animated images featuring real kids with the main characters and store products, an updatable website where products can be seen as in a catalog linked to a facebook website 3. where all audiences can interact and get news and feedback from their local shop. 1 month of total work, 50 product shots, some backgrounds & wallpapers and a CMS were enough to bring some magic to magic factory.

Medical Media Production for the USA

medical interviews and expert panels video production in Barcelona.

Well we are now becoming specialists on Medical media production. For the last 3 year, individual interviews, expert panels and events have been produced for maple Leaf, WebMD and, this time a new company based in New York has required our services and we were happy to produce for them.

It all started the day we got trapped in Helsinki by the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland. The first day we arrived we were contacted by Kate asking us for an estimate for a series of interviews to doctors attending a Hematology Congress in Barcelona in June and needed a production team with experience in developing the whole process (studio, equipment, crew, video , sound, set & decoration, catering, etc.

It took us about to week to enter exact details like lighting , camera movements, furniture on the set, timings, transportation, transfers, menu, etc to cover every single part of the production. It was going to be 1 hour interview and it had to be just perfect. So our team foun out crew, location and resources that will reproduce exactly the format projects in Knowledge normally does during their recordings around the world.

production day arrived and even though we had never worked together before, working with some time in advance and planning to the las detail was helpful. last mu¡inute changes always come up but if the rest of the production is under control they don’t really affect the schedule.

Doctors comfortably talked about hemathology for one our during a sunny Saturday morning 4 blocks away from the Barcelona beach. As soon as the taping was over we digitized a security copy and the same day Susan and Kate from New York, had their medical interviews ready to be postproduced at their headquarters.

A good lunch on a beachfront restaurant followed work.

Short Movies in your Pocket : A mobile phone video production workshop

Personal stories have become of more interest in the latest years. We have made our life public using social networks and letting the world we are all here. pictures, applications and opinions have made us participants of the collective now. But most of us would like to go one step further and try to express and share more stories, more opinions and more personal points of view about our daily life, the word we live and the places we don´t know. Social networks, smart phones, applications, online events, webvideo, online friendship and digital life have become our alternate home.

Videopolis 2010 is a traveling exhibition centered on personal urban stories and encourages people to tell and share what they like, wish and enjoy. We have developed several activities and programs that help people´s interaction become a reality. First experiencing other people´s life stories on the screen at festival screenings and public venues and then providing participants with tools to tell their own story making their own films.

Everyday we become more and more audiovisual and interactive, our daily life is full of images and interfaces and our brain as adopted it as a new language, a new way to communicate, express and even dream. So there is the language and there are the tools, in your pocket. Let´s tell stories.

Our first workshop was energetic developed in Helsinki with a very small but dynamic group of mobile phone users, who in just 2 sessions told us a lot a bout their life and interested through their own short film. participating of the AAVE festival held in Malmitalo.

Further Workshops have been programmed in Madrid, Barcelona, Geneve, Berlin, Milano, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London during the year.

More activities, workshops and festivals to come where the movie industry should search for what the people is looking for.

Una nueva mirada, amplia y muy frugal

Proponemos ampliar la mirada de quienes como nosotros quieren atreverse con proyectos nuevos y exigentes.

A partir del 2009, en Algo Bueno Studio hemos buscado ampliar la mirada hacia nuestros clientes y proyectos abriendo la puerta a nuevos retos y colaboraciones.

Hablando mucho cada día nos hemos dado cuenta que la creatividad no ha de tener límite y que abordar nuevas experiencias y encargos nos plantea retos que hasta el momento han sido super nutritivos.

Nuestra primera experiencia nueva fue la concepción de páginas web ágiles y rápidas de producir para Sitges Royal Rooms y Secot para las cuales miembros del BTC colaboraron con creatividad y alegría. Abrimos la puerta a los eventos de broadbar, creamos la red de emprendedores online EBCN con base en nuestra colaboración con Barcelona Activa y nos lanzamos a crear Videopolis como muestra de video urbano viajero. El Postgrado de coolhunting ha terminado con éxito su primera edición y Amor Universal está apunto de florecer.

Al finalizar 2009 vino la concepción de la presencia en Forest Day 3 del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Colombia , un proyecto complejo desarrollado en tiempo record y producido desde su concepto hasta su montaje final y del cual se pueden ver detalles en nuestro wall. En Julio haremos la producción de una videoinstalación y un concierto en HKW en Berlin.

Un libro, una película, un programa radial o un megaevento…otra campaña, no lo sabemos. Creemos que hemos aprendido a verlo todo frugalmente y aprovechar nuestros recursos al máximo.

Proponemos ampliar la mirada de quienes como nosotros quieren atreverse con proyectos nuevos y exigentes. Siempre esperamos nuestro próximo reto con emoción y estamos abiertos a lo desconocido, nuevo y complejo, ojalá en colaboración con nuevos amigos o en red con diferentes paises.

Historias Urbanas Viajeras

traveling video festival featuring urban stories from cities around the globe.

Las historias que producen las ciudades reflejan los valores y formas de pensar de la cultura en la que se generan. Representan valores en constante cambio, que eventualmente conectan o se contradicen, en una época de cuestionamiento y constante revisión.

Videopolis recorre las ciudades a través de las historias de sus creadores y su manera de ver y vivir la cotidianidad, la política, el amor, las reivindicaciones, la sexualidad, la espiritualidad y las relaciones interpersonales.

La vida en cada ciudad, hace que sus narradores expongan temas y discursos que allí se hacen relevantes y vigentes, cuando en otras latitudes no se repara en ellos o constituyen un tema tabú y esa es la escencia de Videopolis, ver desde afuera temas que vivimos adentro.

Con un ánimo reflexivo e integrador, Videopolis ofrece formas de ver la vida que cada espectador toma e interpreta dese su propia realidad. En cada ciudad que visita, Videopolis recoge nuevas historias y puntos de vista que ayudan a nutrir este catálogo de experiencias e identidades que dialogarán en su siguiente parada con nuevos espectadores

En 2010, Videopolis presentará historias procedentes de Barcelona, Miami, México DF, Caracas, París, Londres, Girona, New York, Cali, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Sabadell, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Tampa y Medellin.

Incorporará en su recorrido nuevas narraciones procedentes de Helsinki, Berlín y Londres en el primer trimestre del año y está abierta a presentar e incl nuevas propuestas en ciudades Europeas y Americanas.

Videpolis es una muestra itinerante audiovisual, que presenta impresiones sobre la vida urbana en diferente ciudades alrededor del mundo a públicos en otras ciudades y latitudes. Videopolis establece diálogos entre personas y culturas, contrasta opiniones y fomenta la conversación sobre nuevos temas en cada ciudad que visita.

Barcelona se hace eje de Videopolis a partir de 2010 y desde allí viajará a diferentes ciudades de América y Europa, para establecer conexiones entre historias locales y foráneas a través de historias de vida en vídeo.

para mas informacion sobre videopolis puedes visitar

Videopolis 2010: Call for Latin American Short Film producers

Videopolis 2010 strats in helsinki, finland
Videopolis 2010 starts in helsinki, finland
Algo Bueno Management Cultura Barcelona en asocio con la Fundación Artehoy Bogotá convocan a realizadores Latinoamericanos y Latinoamericanos residentes en USA para participar de la muestra audiovisual que presentará el próximo mes de Abril del 2010 en Maimitalo Helsinki.

Esta muestra se encuentra enmarcada en el propósito de ambas organizaciones en dar visibilidad a la nueva produccion simbólica del los paises de Latinoamérica y las comunidades Hispana en Estados Unidos. Con esta primera presentación Videopolis 2010 abre las oportunidad de escenarios y festivales Europeos para presentar producciones que normalmente no llegan a estas programaciones.

Videopolis Nació en el año 2003, cuando la Fundación Artehoy en Bogotá gneró Videopolis I y II como encargo para el Museo de Arte Moderno. En el año 2005 el Museo abandonó la iniciativa y el proyecto se detuvo por falta de fondos. Cinco años después Videopolis abre de nuevo sus ojos ahora en el antiguo continente creando vínculos y canales de intercambio con nuevo públicos.

Creemos firmemente en el nuevo cine Hispanoamericano y en la relevancia de la presencia Latinoamérica como comunidad pujante y prometedora, en Europa y Estados Unidos.

La convocatoria de Videopolis está abierta a las siguientes categorías:

Video Experimental
Videoclips musicales

Los participantes deben enviar ficha técnica, ficha artística y 3 fotofijas e indicar link a website, youtube, vimeo, etc, o ftp.

Copias en baja resolución también pueden ser enviadas vía yousendit a

El envío de material final se solicitará solo a los seleccionados.

la fecha limite recepción de propuestas es Septiembre 30 y la lista de seleccionados se publicará posterior a una semana.

para mas informacion contactar a
Jorge Rodriguez Sandra Rengifo o Carmen Gil

Video and Photography for Open Text Event in Barcelona

Last week a very big event gathering more than 300 sales executives from around the planet took place at in Barcelona.
Open Text´s the Art of Good Business is the annual get together for the sales force of this Canadian Multinational that sells software and digital solutions, content management protocols and consulting to goverments, other multinationals and international organizations.

3 days of lectures, coffee breaks, conferences, live music, stand up comedy, parties and team building activities were registered, organized and edited by the audiovisual team of Algo Bueno. Guests from Germany, UK, France, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and the USA enjoyed the many attractions of the and had a lot of fun while competing for the best performance in selling millions of dollars in services globally.

The event was organized in Barcelona by Lifestyle Experience Group in coordination with Opium Mar, Ab Skipper Hotel, Arts Hotel, Llotja de Mar and Algo Bueno among other companies.


Event Production for Canadian Medical Media in Barcelona

Algo Bueno produces one live event and coordinates a video recording studio for the PCR 09 Medical Convention

This year Euro PCR 2009 has been held in Barcelona from 19th-22nd May it is the official congress of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI). Canadian Media Broadcast Team from WebMD hired Algo Bueno to develop the Executive Production of a Stage Live Conference, filmed by 5 cameras and edited live in a postproduction room in the back of the stage.

The Live Show
3 Experts and a host would be in front of a 120 people audience to discuss about Timing of Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation at the America Room at the Zero Hotel.


The Small Studio
At the same time starting on may 19 a small studio for interviews was set at the AC Hotel to record individual interviews with other scientists for the regular program of WebMD´s website a total of 12 interviews where recorded.

A team of 20 people ( 5 cameramen, 2 make up artists 2 producers, 4 assistants, 1 Stage manager, 1 sound technician, 2 lighting technicians and 3 stage grips) was coordinated by Algo Bueno to develop on time and perfect shape the requirements of our clients.


City Entertainment for TimeSavers

Algo Bueno Barcelona has recently signed a contract for developing enterttanment and cultural activities with the company Time Savers. We have agreed to design useful and playful activities that increase the quality of time for children, housewives and adults interested in photography, video, theater, cinema and music.

Our fisrt product Photocircuits will be promoted by Time Savers during the present year to newcomers to Barcelona, locals interested in developing their photo skills while having fun and tourist who wish to escape from masive, crowded tours. slow times are better enjoyed