Short Movies in your Pocket : A mobile phone video production workshop

Personal stories have become of more interest in the latest years. We have made our life public using social networks and letting the world we are all here. pictures, applications and opinions have made us participants of the collective now. But most of us would like to go one step further and try to express and share more stories, more opinions and more personal points of view about our daily life, the word we live and the places we don´t know. Social networks, smart phones, applications, online events, webvideo, online friendship and digital life have become our alternate home.

Videopolis 2010 is a traveling exhibition centered on personal urban stories and encourages people to tell and share what they like, wish and enjoy. We have developed several activities and programs that help people´s interaction become a reality. First experiencing other people´s life stories on the screen at festival screenings and public venues and then providing participants with tools to tell their own story making their own films.

Everyday we become more and more audiovisual and interactive, our daily life is full of images and interfaces and our brain as adopted it as a new language, a new way to communicate, express and even dream. So there is the language and there are the tools, in your pocket. Let´s tell stories.

Our first workshop was energetic developed in Helsinki with a very small but dynamic group of mobile phone users, who in just 2 sessions told us a lot a bout their life and interested through their own short film. participating of the AAVE festival held in Malmitalo.

Further Workshops have been programmed in Madrid, Barcelona, Geneve, Berlin, Milano, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London during the year.

More activities, workshops and festivals to come where the movie industry should search for what the people is looking for.

Dreamers at the Cambridge Film Festival

Dreamers, The Short Film by Vlamyr Vizcaya produced by El Tuerto Pictures is now in part of the official selection for the Cambridge Film Festival 2008.

Shortfilm by Vlamyr Vizcaya
Shortfilm by Vlamyr Vizcaya

Dreamers Synopsis
Maria is a farmer teenager with a thousand dreams for her life.
José is her young boyfriend. Maria´s family doesn´t approve her seeing the boy.
Suddenly, she finds herself with her hopes and dreams truncated, and her life turned around,
and not precisely because their families.
Based in real life stories about growing up in a country in war like Colombia.

more info at
https://www. algobueno. eu/album/?v=gallery&collection=dreamers
http://staging. cambridgefilmfestival. org. uk/films/2008/international-shorts-programme-1-sensitive-souls

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