Barcelona Big Wall Project

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Les ciutats i el temps 14Les ciutats i el temps 13Barcelona, EspañaGirls on (skate)board.¿Necesitas un corte de pelo?Un pabellon de SantPau01
ChimeneasParc Güell atardeciendoPlaça de la virreina a GraciaBarcelonaChampagneria de BarcelonaCaminando por la Milla de Oro de Barcelona

Algo Bueno & Barcelona Photocircuits are developing the Barcelona Big Wall Project a super wall of Barcelona pictures built by Barcelona visitors and residents, hundreds of contributions have been already made and hundreds more are still to come.
Have you taken a great picture of Barcelona? check it out here

Videopolis 2011 Barcelona en FNAC Forums

2011 ha sido un año interesante para Videopolis primero se presentó en el Auditorio Pablo VI de la Universidad Javeriana en Bogotá Colombia a través del programa de Artes Visuales, con quienes hicimos una videoconferencia y charla en directo con el público sobre la películas proyectadas. Posteriormente hicimos el link con el programa de Digital Arts de la Universidad de Tampa en Estados Unidos con quienes colaboramos en proyecciones y participación de los estudiantes en Videopolis.

Para el segundo semestre del año, hemos realizado un acuerdo con FNAC por el medio del cual cada mes se presentarán proyecciones y workshops de Videopolis 2011 en un FNAC Forum de Barcelona.  Las primera tiendas FNAC Participantes son FNAC Arenas, La Maquinista y L´Illa en donde realizaremos la presentación de cortos, documentales, animaciones, videoclips, y cortos experimentales provenientes de más de 25 países y centrados en historias urbanas.

El taller Short Movies in your Pocket se realizará en cada una de las tiendas FNAC de barcelona y  los trabajos finalizados se incluirán en la sección Videopolis Lab para ser proyectados dentro de la programación. Es gratuito y solo se necesita un teléfono móvil o cámara de fotos, un computador portátil y una historia que contar.

Videopolis se ha ido nutriendo de trabajos talentosos en los últimos 4 años e invitamos a todos los realizadores a participar a través de nuestros canales y grupos en las redes sociales. para mas info:

Market Revolution or Revolution vs Market? part II

The powerful internet  consumer and the vulnerable citizen

Internet citizens, digital natives and teleworkers have discovered a new habitat where a new society and community agreements can be built and lived. Privacy, anonymity and lack of physical danger have empowered many of us to expand our identities, express ourselves , socialize and develop our hidden talents. This new habitat has provided new spaces and dynamics for many subcultures and ideologies fully or partially repressed by the mainstream , conventional media and public policies. At the same time new markets and possibilities of exchange have grown opening opportunities to both entrepreneurs and customer to find satisfaction to their dreams and wishes online.

Online retailing and service providing has broaden the number of professions in a way, that no industry or employment policy in the world has ever reached. Free exchange and contribution has reached high levels of relevance as much as online stores, online education and content consumption via streaming. All this changes the way we buy and sell, but most of all changes the way we make decisions about it.

Control mechanisms have been created to follow and understand all sources of information, paths, tracks and the digital print all of us leave behind when online, this way governments companies and big corporations keep control of the flows of information shared, sold and offered in the net. So we can practically know almost everything that people do or think when online, assuming they do not ever lie.

Are the new generations becoming the new rebels for a digital nation or is the digital environment educating them ?

Access vs property (for everyone?)

This week Apple announced the release of its latest operating system. This time it won´t be possible to buy it at any store but exclusively online. Amazon has launched it program to rent text books to scholars instead of selling them, someone called this a sustainable initiative. What will happen when computers, can only operate if they are connected to the web and when would it become illegal to avoid digital surveillance?

Access to contents, cloud computing, interconectivity and the possibility to be “always on” means that a lot of information, resources, software and applications will be available for many people, to be used even free of charge. But also means everything we do in that environment leaves a track, a statistic that makes databases grow and become more and more efficient. Optimizing this databases provides hints on what people, like, do , approach, enjoy and need and also allows marketeers, governments and power circles to control and direct information, reactions and scenarios in the digital world. Property (specially intellectual property) becomes and obsolete idea under the slogan of sharing and collaborating.

One amazing thin about cool things is mutation. As soon as cool is identified it mutates into something unexpected, something new, something unreachable. That will be the circle of the future markets, permanent change and permanent adaptation, multiplicity and rebellion. Slippery creativity that mutates as plants and animals do, when the weather changes. A permanent survival.

Is the market ready for this revolution? Is it ready to change and adapt at this pace ? What are communication and advertising agencies capable of offering in this environment? or will this revolution transform our actual concept of markets and trade?

In the next part: Is there a future of Money?

Greenscreen Photography for LifeDimension Germany

Greenscreening is a technique frequently used in the movie industry that makes possible to put people in any background just making a studio session. Now you know why superman can fly.

It was fun to attend the Genzyme Pharmaceutical convention in Barcelona and develope a Greenscreen Photo session for their participants.

The game was simple but fun. Each participant was asked to write a few lines about themselves on a blank paper. It should express something about their life, family, work, interests, etc.

During the lunch break participants would visit the portable greenscreen photographic studio we installed at the Avenida Palace Hotel, where the convention was held. One or two pictures with their best smile were taken a total of 35 participants. before going back to the conference, their opinion was asked about a series of landscape photos in our laptop, so they would choose the one they like best.

Our post production team took care of putting it all together, print it and frame it so the Genzyme participants would take home their best smile at their favorite landscape in a wonderful picture.

Greenscreening is a technique frequently used in the movie industry that makes possible to put people in any background just making a studio session. Now you know why superman can fly.

the portable greenscreen studio