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Innovators are gifted people per se. Most of them own the courage to embark on explorations that give them the opportunity to see and access many new and exciting things. They are always looking for surprising and challenging situations that help them grow personally, professionally and find the opportunity to help others and improve the way people live.

Therefore, what can you give to someone curious, brave, and open to new things? That is not an easy task. Conventional gifts will show you care but may not make them go wow. They probably know something newer, better, or more efficient. So, what type of gift can you find for that special friend or family member who is the innovator in your life?

First Step: Do you think of yourself as an innovator? If you were Marie Curie or Galileo Galilei what would you like to get for Christmas? Imagine Steve Jobs or Nikola Tesla at home by the Christmas Tree unwrapping the first gift. What would you like to see under that colorful paper?

Second Step: Innovation is impossible without passion and curiosity, innovators are somehow nonconformist with the reality that surrounds them and that is why they tend to question it and put together ideas and people, that can improve or simply transform our ways. Think about something you or someone would like to change.

Third Step: Very often innovators are happy connecting people and relating to new ideas, concepts, and cultures. They long for knowledge, news, methods, answers, and devices that provide them with new experiences. They love everything new and also unexpected. Innovators enjoy to come out of their comfort zone, to explore, discover, and transform themselves constantly.

So, gifts that can fit an innovator would be:

1. Anything related to challenges like learning something new or confronting a fear. (trips, sports, arts, can do that)

2. Anything that relates to discovery (books, courses, workshops, city explorations, etc.)

3. Anything that encourages their creativity and critical thinking (debates, forums, networks, etc.)

4. Anything that helps them to connect with interesting people (club memberships, community activities, volunteering opportunities, etc.)

Maybe this crazy year of 2020 is turning more people into innovators in their professions at work, but also in their own life and personal growth. It has been a challenging year and this is probably the opportunity to make a change and transform our future into something new.

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Design Thinking en el Canódromo de Barcelona con Diana Pinos

Taller Design Thinking Diana Pinos


Vivimos en un entorno de continuo cambio, ser creativos y adoptar métodos de innovación, como el Design Thinking, nos da la ventaja de poder anticiparnos y ofrecer nuevas soluciones que sean relevantes para el mercado y la sociedad.

El Design Thinking es una metodología enfocada a fomentar la innovación descubriendo ideas basadas en necesidades reales de las personas para generar soluciones creativas a retos y problemas de forma viable.

Se plantea en un formato 100% práctico para que al final de las sesiones cada uno de los participantes se lleve un aprendizaje de cómo incorporar procesos de innovación herramientas creativas en cada uno de sus proyectos profesionales.

Además, en el taller se implementará la metodología Lego® Serious Play® como herramienta de conceptualización y prototipado de ideas.


  • Personas que busquen inspiración creativa y metodología de innovación abierta en sus proyectos.
  • Personas que necesiten tener herramientas para poder ofrecer soluciones innovadoras en su empresa: investigación de mercados, marketing, publicidad, ingenieros, etc…
  • Profesionales de la innovación que quieran conocer más herramientas para su día a día.
  • Personas interesadas en los procesos creativos y de innovación.
  • Personas que quieran cambiar de puesto de trabajo a un departamento de innovación.
  • Emprendedores.
  • Apasionados del diseño.
  • Por supuesto design thinkers, visual thinkers, etc…

Lugar: Canòdrom Parc de Recerca Creativa
Fecha: 14 de junio de 2018
Horario: 16h a 20.00h



Oreo Creativity – participatory marketing on the rise

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We all know the surprising images Oreo has been bringing to the public attention in the last couple of years. A shift in the way they are creating contents, concepts and distribution of ideas is making a change for this product, that now has a huge growth and expansion in the minds and daily life of people. And that seems to be the key for products and services in the near future. Being able to enter people’s lives in a more one-to-one way. Do not sell me the cookie, do not tell me what to do with it; just give people ideas and freedom and they will show you a thousand wonders. This is the collective creativity is working now. Opening the doors to fun ways to play and innovate, bring our daily vane products to a whole different level and also directly into our hearts. So how about playing together more games and letting collective creativity show new faces for more products? Which will be the next brand and the next level?

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