For the first time the more established Trends Research University programs come together (Elisava 2008, and University of Lisbon) to exchange and share visions and methodologies around trends research and application. During this 5 days lab, you will develop a trend-analysis lab carried out in order to identify and apply trends in three main sectors: Social trends, industry  trends, and product trends.

According to Webster’s dictionary  interdependence is the state of being dependent upon one another: mutual dependence interdependence of the two nations’ economies.

It quotes:

” … a form of symbiosis, of close mutual interdependence of two species of organisms. “—Marston Bates

“… the deep psychological interdependence between ourselves and those we love.” —Judith A. Savage

Contemporary reality is based on complexity and speed. These relationships create permanent and temporary interdependencies among people, movements, trends and most political, cultural and economic forces. We are consciously experiencing The Butterfly Effect.

Plurality and diversity affect the notion of truth and the distribution of information and news, creating what the know today as Fake News or alternative truths, based on the plural perception and interpretation of facts and reality. Never before subjectivity has been as strong as today, making complexity even more confusing. No official version exists anymore.

The focus of this year´s lab is around Interdependencies and how trends are a mixture of political, economic and cultural factors that as a whole determine a very intricate set of relations and dependencies between businesses and many other aspects of modern life.This Lab will provide you the tools for analysing trends and planning them in future scenarios. It also supports the development of innovative entrepreneurial projects from students at the masters program in Advanced Design Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Elisava..

For the first time the more established Trends Research University programs come together (Elisava 2008, and University of Lisbon) to exchange and share visions and methodologies around trends research and application. During this 5 days lab, you will develop a trend-analysis lab carried out in order to identify and apply trends in three main sectors: Social trends, industry  trends, and product trends.

Our Guest Speakers and facilitators will be:

    • Nelson Pinheiro, Trends Observer & University of Lisbon
    • Jorge Rodriguez, DesignThinkers Group Spain – Elisava
    • Carla Montanè, MIDI Elisava
    • Francesca Tur, Tendencias.TV
    • Josep Monguet, MIDI Elisava  -UPC
    • Maya Ninova, MIDI Elisava
    • Juan Isaza, DDB Latina Miami


Day 1 Monday November 13th

17:00-19:00h: Discussion Panel Videostreamed, Jorge Rodriguez DesignThinkers Group Spain, Carla Montanè MIDI Elisava, Francesca Tur Tendencias.TV A brief introduction to the world and structure of trends

19:15- 20:00h Teams and Project Assignment

20:00 – 21:15h  Juan Isaza – Strategic Planning / Social Media Vice President at DDB Latina. Exploring and Working with trends at DDB

PART 2 > LEARNING BY DOING – Project Based Learning

Day 2 Tuesday November 14th:

  • 17: 00- 21:00h Out in the streets, information gathering and trendboarding.  Carla Montanè MIDI Elisava

Day 3 Wednesday November 15th:

17:00-19:00h Online Hunting Internet and social networks. Maya Ninova,

19:15-21:15h Collective Intelligence, Josep Maria Monguet

Day 4 Thursday November 16th

17:00- 18:00h Zeitgeist & Storytelling of products & services. Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer, U Lisboa

18:00h -19:00h Trends Driven Innovation Teleconference by Henry Mason Trend watching

19:15- 21:15h Scenario Building, analysis and application of trends to specific exercises. Foresight, Forecast. Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer, 

Day 5 Friday November 17th:

  • 17:00- 19.00h Trends Driven  Innovation Proposal. Opportunities Scenario Creation Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer, Els Dragt Fontys College.
  • 19.30 – 21:00h  presentation of an Innovation proposals based on trends. Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer.

Ready for Trendslab17?

Trends have become a ruling factor for business and also for governments. The rapid changes in society transform markets, governance and people’s lifestyle and view of the world.

Trump, Brexit, Putin, Syria, EU refugee crisis, Chinas deceleration, Generation Z, AI, IoT and many other signals create a new territory for the short and mid-term future that doesn´t seem easy to manage or even understand. Because until now, trends have been logical, consequent and somehow a matter of cause and effect. But probably not anymore. How will the process of influence change after these events?

New attitudes towards the “politically correct” and what is socially acceptable start appearing when voters and companies feel empowered by the majorities in the polls or in election processes. Recent events related to racism, corruption, nationalism and other highly criticised practices seem validated when leaders promote them within their actions and plans. Will this change the way we consume, vote and relate to each other?  Which are the new agreements around the “new normal”?

The cycles and patterns for trends evolution have changed, probably because of acceleration and the impact of radical and powerful influencers and passive acceptance of massive audiences relying in the comfort of technology and disinformation. Technology and data have been just some of the key factors for understanding and forecasting future scenarios and opportunities for all types of organisations.

Collective Intelligence and the new form of dominance and consumption will probably bring new opportunities and threats to businesses and entrepreneurs. Who will be the new trendsetters and opinion leaders? How will they get accepted or rejected?

During our 2017 Trendslab next february, we will explore those industries, influencers and trends that help shape the next years in terms of consumption and citizen participation. We will discuss the reasons and roots of all these changes and some tools to understand and navigate the next 10 years.

Join the conversation: talks and workshops and participate in the creation of opportunity scenarios using multiple visual and digital methods.

Some of the speakers will be:

Jorge Rodriguez – Elisava Universitat Pompeu Fabra Director for the Masters in Advanced Design Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Managing Director at DesignThinkers Group Spain. Panel of Experts and Trends Research methodology workshop

Nelson Pinheiro – University of Lisbon Trends Observer University of Lisbon ” …I emphasise the following interests: Trends Studies; Fashion Culture; Consumer Culture; Branding & Culture; Elites and Socio-economic cleavages; Literature of the nineteenth century…” Trends Studies 2017 and Trends Research methodology workshop

Marta Marin –  Universidad Ramon Llul,  Editorial director at The Hunter Since 2005  developing solutions that anticipate market and consumer trends from our offices in Barcelona and London. Panel of Experts

Hector Linares – Kantar Media Founder of The Data Republic (you can also read it as The Dat-aRe-public)  a public data research lab recently acquired by Kantar. We want to find out if the analysis of all sort of public data can help businesses and organizations to achieve their goals. Big data and Data Research Session

Carla Montané:  Elisava Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Sociologist and Research Methods Professor at the Master in Research for Design and Innovation, Panel of Experts and Tribes and Consumer Communities session

Josep Maria Monguet  Barcelona Tech. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Research Associate Onsanity Solutions S.L.  Collective Intelligence Session

Ask for information, tickets and save the date here.

Trends + Concepts = Products in Saudi Arabia

Working with Saudi professional women from fields such as Marketing, Architecture, IT, Engineering, Consulting, Design and fashion has been and amazing experience apart from a great challenge. Women in the middle east are a strong professional power developing themselves in all industries and fields, becoming incredible and resilient entrepreneurs with many resources at hand. from online consultants to magazine editors they are everywhere with great ideas and incredible commitment.

In these professional sessions AlgoBueno joined Creative Dialog Association who with the support of Tashkeil and the British Council brought the Design Road Project to Jeddah. Our participation was centered in workshops and assessments to professional women developing skills for their business. More about the program and workshops can be found at the work-site 

Here some additional images of the sessions.

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Summer Trends Lab


En el marco del Máster en Investigación para el Diseño y la Innovación de ELISAVA desarrollaremos un laboratorio de análisis de tendencias dirigido identificar y aplicar trends  e insights en tres sectores principales: tendencias sociales,  tendencias de producto y tendencias de moda.

El curso aporta herramientas de análisis y proyección de tendencias en escenarios de futuro y apoya el desarrollo de proyectos innovadores en el ámbito de la empresa. Esta colaboración es la primera de varias actividades que vendremos realizando durante el año con diferentes instituciones y centros en Barcelona.

Para mas informacion e inscripciones en este Lab

Benetton adopta la Estética de la Protesta en su Campaña 2012/13


Uno de los temas de investigación abordados el año pasado por el equipo de AlgoBueno se va viendo reflejado como tendencia en el lenguaje de comunicación de múltiples marcas de diferentes sectores.

Más info sobre Estética de la Protesta

2012 clicks

2011 ha sido un año lleno de retos y sorpresas.

Retos porque  la economía mundial nos ha puesto a prueba a todos, replanteandonos las reglas de un juego cada vez menos claro pero que nos obliga a ser mas flexibles, mas hábiles y también ágiles en el desempeño de proyectos y contratos. Ha sido un año de muchísimo aprendizaje y evolución y de mucha suerte también, al encontrarnos con personas maravillosas y talentosas que nos han facilitado el camino, valorando el trabajo que hacemos y algunas de las ideas locas que hemos tenido.

Sorpresas, porque cuando vimos venir la crisis nos pensábamos mas muertos que vivos como proyecto, ya que abordamos temas muy nuevos y algunos de ellos desconocidos en un entorno conservador que hace esfuerzos por innovar y llegar a ser tan competitivo como el resto de Europa y América. No han sido pocas las ocasiones en las que nos hemos sorprendido gratamente con el apoyo de empresas , instituciones e individuos que han depositado su confianza en nuestras ideas, abriendo su mente a propuestas que en otras épocas no les hubieran interesado.

Se expandieron nuestros territorios a nivel nacional, internacional y temático y encontramos un increíble abanico de interacciones y personas interesadas en nuestras propuestas e investigaciones. también nos despedimos de proyectos que cerraron o se transformaron en fusiones con nueva cara y alma.

Agradecemos profundamente al año, los cambios de mentalidad que ha suscitado y en especial a todas las personas que junto con nosotros se han arriesgado a explorar y aprender nuevos procesos y metodologías. le damos la bienvenida al 2012 con los brazos abiertos, una sonrisa amplia y el corazón palpitante.

Trending Dubai

A week of work in the streets of a city where everything is possible (even mission impossible), has brought to my attention a new way of approaching middle east and to find out, how few we know about our own civilizations.

The starting point is of course, the city: an amazing and shiny scenario built-in a very short time, where the biggest, the tallest and the more expensive can be found. The big boom is gone and left emiratis with a powerful infrastructure that would need to be filled by time, social interaction, a big challenge for  the government to develop a vision about the future and the participation of that 60% of foreign population living in Dubai.

New generations of locals and specially young emirati women,  have their own perspective: a deep and cosmopolitan pride about their roots, that would hopefully help them with the task, of keeping their wealthy children and grand children in the track the emirs envisioned for their people back in the 70´s.

I would describe the UAE as a young state (last week celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Union) born from a very old culture that turned sand in gold, changing the dunes for grass and pearl diving for financial investments. An d would approach Dubai as a very masculine city, filled with symbols of contemporary and very old lifestyles  focused on becoming the dream city of the present and still not planning in the long-term what their own present will bring. Luxury cars, endless highways leading to crystal skyscrapers are mixed with decorated bridges and the now invisible homes of harbor workers or fishermen that surrounded by white walls disappear under the sun.

Many question arise after a week of intense work in this city and many opportunities for building future scenarios too.

Consumerism,  Habitat,  Sustainability, Cultural Interaction, Heritage and Welfare are some of the topics to be commented in our following posts.

Urban Trends Dubai 2011/12 by Algo Bueno

From Nov 30 to Dec 8 we´ll be exploring Dubai, hunting for trends and innovative creation at the megametropolis of the eastern world, One of the most ambitious projects of the century, the city of Dubai offers visitors the most impressive architectural and technological developments of the Arab world.

Economical transformations of the global market have affected the Dubai project, currently facing more than one delay or unexpected situation in its development. New visitors, residents, creators and dynamics make of Dubai a trend mecca for the future, offering trend researchers a new view about many aspects of contemporary life (technology, luxury architecture, society, wealth, etc) . The east/west dialogue here has a new meaning as the presence of multiple cultures and beliefs produce infinite lifestyles that make the city move and change.

Our Journey will explore the urban lexicon, emerging aesthetics, bridges for creation, relationship and technology, urban dynamics, lifestyle exchange and consumption, habitat and environment and their interactions towards the development of new products and services in town.

Thanks to the invitation of Creative Dialog Association and the support of Dubai Culture, Tashkeel, Kingston University, Elisava School of Design in Barcelona, emirati artists and designers will explore the city with us for a week, finding inspiration and methodologies for new products, services and experiences in this wonderful city. Understanding the present to build future scenarios is the motto this time.

Investigación de Tendencias para el sector Hábitat

Organizada por el Cluster Habic en La espectacular Alhóndiga de Bilbao, a jornada estuvo dirigida a los gerentes y responsables de marketing y producto de empresas relacionadas con el hábitat, oficina y el contract, arquitectos y diseñadores de interiores y diseñadores industriales, quienes  disfrutaron de la presencia de Jorge Rodriguez Nieto, profesor de ELISAVA y actualmente Investigador de Algo Bueno y Director de MIDI Master en Investigación para el Diseño y la Innovación; y Manuel Torres Acemel, también profesor de ELISAVA y que en la actualidad además de dirigir su empresa forma parte del Consejo Asesor de diversas empresas y fabricantes de elementos de Diseño Industrial.

Los participantes reflexionaron sobre aspectos de la innovación y la relación de su industria con las tendencias locales y globales y oportunidades de proyección a futuro a través del acercamiento e interacción con diferentes capas y niveles de usuarios y clientes. Muchos de ellos comentaron : ¨Nos habéis hecho pensar mucho en temas y oportunidades nuevas, nos habéis abierto la mente¨.

Es interesante anotar que sectores como el del hábitat y el contract vinculados fuertemente al sector inmobiliario y de diseño de producto, esta encontrando nuevas e interesantes maneras de repensarse y renovarse en el difícil entorno actual que presenta la economía española. La utilización de nuevas herramientas y puntos de partida para el desarrollo de productos y servicios basado en la investigación les permitirá no solo adelantarse al sector inmobiliario  en su recuperación, sino dejar de depender directamente de el.

Market Revolution or Revolution vs Market? part I

Recent events in global economy and politics make us think about the ways consumption, production and communications are rapidly changing the old ideas of buying and selling.

Corporations and companies seem to be in the task to think again and act in new ways, finding new ways to get in touch with massive amounts of  consumers and users, that rapidly change their attitudes and approach, towards products and services in the market.

Every change brings more changes and I am truly happy to witness this. It creates a particular state of mind where rigid structures see the need for renovation abandoning part of their established safe zones. In a word,  we are all allowing ourselves to evolve a little.

Rethinking the sense, goals and methods to connect with audiences, will probably provide the basis for deep changes in society as in markets. Some markets becoming more user oriented and other just turning more wild and tough. Production of goods and services has overwhelmed users and a loss of interest in  accumulation has started growing when people found themselves surrounded by more offers than their capability of consumption or even needs.

Abundance of goods and over production made corporations earn so much that a polarization of economic power has grown at the point of making them more powerful than many countries and regions, giving them politic influence and the possibility of changing and creating law.

At the same time the relevance of information technology has given users and consumers the power to network, criticize, oppose and gather to question their own governance, market, society and beliefs. An important awareness about social and environmental tragedies has changed the mindset for many customers who day by day get more information from multiple sources that help them make their shopping decisions. But these information also influence, political and ideological decisions when citizens feel themselves empowered, vulnerable, disappointed or betrayed by their own leaders.

The powerful internet  consumer and the vulnerable citizen + Access vs property (for everyone?) in the next post.

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