Happy 2010 to everyone!! on Vimeo by Algo Bueno Barcelona

We wish all our friends, team, customers, collaborators, clients, providers and fans that in 2010 all their projects, good wishes and desires become a reality.

And of course we wish Algo Bueno for everyone.!

Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Algo Bueno Barcelona.

Stand Concept and Design at Forest Day 3 Copenhagen COP15 UNFCCC for the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel

It has been a big challenge to create an attractive presence for the Colombian government during the world forest conference, Forest Day is the annual meeting of organizations and governments to o discuss projects and issues related to forests.

The Colombian forest has been the setting for a drug industry battlefield for years. The growing market for drug consumption in Europe and the United States encouraged  by media and lifestyle, provokes a huge damage in third world countries where production is made at a very low costs. Authorities do as much as they can but the market is very demanding and poverty drives local broke farmers into growing illegal crops to support their families. For years, Colombia has been fighting drug production but consumption is not controlled in the big economies. In general terms, Colombian institutions an people fight between survival and preservation with minimal resources.

Our job was to make visitors understand how badly Colombia needs the support of the international community to fight drug production and ,at the same time, preserve the rainforest, currently a 35% of  Colombia’s territory. So after receiving the commission from the vice minister, we started exploring options to communicate in a simple, fast an effective way. We chose to combine facts and  information with a game.

The Panel
In a 2.5 * 2.0 mts panel we placed a very big picture of the forest. 20 randomly located rectangles would suggest the missing areas of deforested land. 550 postcards with the phrase “Colombia celebrates Forest Day. Support our efforts and help preserve our rainforest.”  where given to visitors during the event, 50 of them contained the missing parts of the big image so their participation would help us complete the panel ad metaphorically recover the rainforest.

The Game
Each visitor with a postcard was encouraged to try and fill a gap in the panel, as most images wouldn´t match they would understand how hard it is to recover a damaged land. When a postcard fitted in a damaged area, the visitor would fill that gap himself and fell the recognition and satisfaction of collaborating with a good cause.

The Facts
In front of the panel we created a mini theater where a 42” flat screen TV featured “Ecocide” a video developed by the Ministry of Defense that provides all statistical information about the damage that illicit crops cause to rain forests, families and communities across the country. visitors to the stand were invited sit and watch while waiting for the game  or after playing it.

The concept, dynamics and experience for this stand was conceived midway between playful, educational and political; introducing a critical topic as drug traffic and consumption in an environmental context but providing a playful way to understand it, to avoid prejudice and to prevent visitors to jump to conclusions when they see this topic featured.

The general acceptance and participation from visitors, media and organizations was pretty high, the stand  got the attention of people like CIFOR, Google, Le Monde , Associated Press, GTZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit , local organizations, researchers and bloggers on environmental issues with whom interviews where arranged during the event.

The impact of a good stand design, a controversial topic and a visual game provided a positive  results for our client creating collaboration opportunities and favorable press.

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Nuevas Oportunidades: estrategias y eventos para pequeñas empresas y emprendedores

Algo Bueno abre puertas de comunicacion y marketing para que emprendedores y pequeños comercios aprovechen las herramientas web 2.0 a bajo coste.

Desde mayo de este año, hemos venido colaborando con Barcelona Activa y otras entidades que apoyan el desarrollo de iniciativas empresariales, autoempleo y emprendeduría. Ofreciendo información, capsulas de formacion y asesoramiento a personas que desean comenzar o consolidar una idea de negocio.

El Banco de Talento Creativo de Algo Bueno ha ideado la manera para que algunas herramientas de marketing usadas en grandes campañas con presupuestos millonarios operen de manera eficiente, a bajo coste y de forma creativa para pequeñeas empresas y emprendededores. trabajando en equipo con pequeños comercios y profesionales el BTC asesora y produce estrategias y materiales y soportes para activar la comunicacion coroprativa en todos sus ambitos de pequeñas empresas.

un par de ejemplos pueden verse en el siguiente link

Plan Comunicación,web 2.0, estrategias y eventos para pequeñas empresas y emprendedores.

Videopolis 2010: Call for Latin American Short Film producers

Videopolis 2010 strats in helsinki, finland
Videopolis 2010 starts in helsinki, finland
Algo Bueno Management Cultura Barcelona en asocio con la Fundación Artehoy Bogotá convocan a realizadores Latinoamericanos y Latinoamericanos residentes en USA para participar de la muestra audiovisual que presentará el próximo mes de Abril del 2010 en Maimitalo Helsinki.

Esta muestra se encuentra enmarcada en el propósito de ambas organizaciones en dar visibilidad a la nueva produccion simbólica del los paises de Latinoamérica y las comunidades Hispana en Estados Unidos. Con esta primera presentación Videopolis 2010 abre las oportunidad de escenarios y festivales Europeos para presentar producciones que normalmente no llegan a estas programaciones.

Videopolis Nació en el año 2003, cuando la Fundación Artehoy en Bogotá gneró Videopolis I y II como encargo para el Museo de Arte Moderno. En el año 2005 el Museo abandonó la iniciativa y el proyecto se detuvo por falta de fondos. Cinco años después Videopolis abre de nuevo sus ojos ahora en el antiguo continente creando vínculos y canales de intercambio con nuevo públicos.

Creemos firmemente en el nuevo cine Hispanoamericano y en la relevancia de la presencia Latinoamérica como comunidad pujante y prometedora, en Europa y Estados Unidos.

La convocatoria de Videopolis está abierta a las siguientes categorías:

Video Experimental
Videoclips musicales

Los participantes deben enviar ficha técnica, ficha artística y 3 fotofijas e indicar link a website, youtube, vimeo, etc, o ftp.

Copias en baja resolución también pueden ser enviadas vía yousendit a algobuenobcn@gmail.com

El envío de material final se solicitará solo a los seleccionados.

la fecha limite recepción de propuestas es Septiembre 30 y la lista de seleccionados se publicará posterior a una semana.

para mas informacion contactar a
Jorge Rodriguez Sandra Rengifo o Carmen Gil

A peek into the Future: Countries becoming Brands and Companies becoming Nations

What type of Nation do you think Apple, Microsoft, Unilever or Sony Corporation would be?

¿What type of Nation do you think Apple, Microsoft, Unilever or Sony Corporation would be?

That is a question that first came to my mind back in 2004, when I visited the Redmond WA area close to Seattle, where Microsoft Corporation owns its headquarters and long extensions of land. There, hundreds of mini-mansions for MS Executives decorate a Swedish-wanna-be-landscape. Was that a Microsoft country? maybe not, but that is how it felt while talking to people, driving the highway and exploring the suburbs. A particular kind of identity, lifestyle and behavioral agreements, very close to the Microsoft corporate image.

Maybe it is corporate identity that goes beyond the company, into people lives.

As it all sounds like science fiction, we should examine some realities. I guess it all started in 1955 with Main Street USA in Disneyland (The Happiest Place on Earth) where a typical American village was fully reproduced under the company parameters of Disney imagery. Then came Epcot Center, a vision of the existing world (third world excluded) from the Disney point of view, that featured the most touristic and iconic landmarks from an American perspective.

Main Street USA
Main Street USA

Back in the 70´s, the world was politically divided in Communism and Capitalism basically. After the coldwar and during the late 80´s the Perestroika, the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the political and economic changes in communist countries created an ideological change globally. People started changing their political beliefs and their affiliations changed to more private ones.

During the 90´, companies developed strong efforts towards positioning their

values transmitted via branding
values transmitted via branding
brands becoming economically and symbolically powerful; generating values, lifestyles, followers, collectors of memorabilia, urban tribes and radical beliefs in a global scale. Notions of culture, nation, country and culture mutate and people start believing in branded values, media promoted lifestyles and marketing designed ideologies.

Local, national and regional governments joined forces with the tourism industry to promote specific destinations, immigration, foreign investment and position economic value for countries and cities. That way, places like New York, Mexico, Barcelona and Berlin created whole new brands from their name, supported by local and global investors. Let´s think of Sex and the City, Barcelona Olympic Games, The fall of the Berlin Wall, or the FIFA World Cup as tools for touristic promotion and region branding transmitting values and beliefs, music, visual patterns, food and celebrations that make people come together and identify themselves with these parameters as their ways of expression.

Strong Marketing campaigns about certain regions, countries and cities at the same time that sold destinations, encouraged regionalism, nationalism and local pride. The impact of branding in this sense is double sided, and creates apart from consumption, social transformations followed by strong feelings about the branded place. Something close to the impact of corporate values among company sex_and_the_city_movie-6049employees and consumers.

So, where does the notion of national culture and product branding cross paths? a possible answer may be found if we ask people where do they belong? Do you feel Spanish, American or Mac user? What defines me the most? My place of residence or my habits? All these questions currently float inside a lot of people´s minds.

The Power of Mutinational Companies to provide services, products and messages to fill people needs has taken them to a position, where their speech may be stronger than politics, culture and the participation of civil society. Most of them have the power to influence law, politics, culture, governance and development in any country to the point of becoming providers of basic services covering people´s fundamental rights like water, electricity, food, health, communications, housing, education, retirement and security.

So, when only companies can provide people with most of the things half of the countries in the world can´t provide, ¿What is left of the notion of Nation? ¿What is the role of nations and governments in the new world order? pho_bg_vans¿What is left of civil rights when they enter the marketplace?

So here is my question again

¿What type of Nation do you think Apple, Microsoft, Unilever or Sony Corporation would be?

Retro Visor at Sugar Factory Amsterdam

550 people got together in Amsterdam´s Sugar factory to enjoy the new show retroVisor is offering this summer. The European tour this year inlcuded Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich and barcelona. Hurray for the new latin Electronica!

¡ELECTROCUMBE! Live Nu Latin City Beatz
Retro VISOR (Colombia) + DJ Sonido del Principe / DJ mps PILOT / Dj Eduardo (Que Pasa!)
This is the summer of the Electro Cumbia, Colombias new dance music craze…ready to spread over the European Club scenes and festivals..Sugarfactory will be the first to host such an event with state of the art Electrocumbé with exciting visuals…
00:00 – 05:00 Entry: € 9.50

Line Up
Retro VISOR (Colombia)
DJ Sonido del Principe
DJ Eduardo (Que Pasa!)
Visuals by Carmen Electric
This is the summer of the Electro Cumbia, Colombias new dance music craze…ready to spread over the European Club scenes and festivals..Sugarfactory will be the first to host such an event with state of the art Electrocumbé with exiting visuals…

Veel Cumbia met Drum ‘n bass, dub step met salsa, Sonidera met Jungle, Latin eclectic, Electrocumbia etc etc. Visuals, Dj’s, soundscapes, live percu…
all the info about this event at http://www.sugarfactory.nl/page=site.agenda_article/id=1452


Video and Photography for Open Text Event in Barcelona

Last week a very big event gathering more than 300 sales executives from around the planet took place at in Barcelona.
Open Text´s the Art of Good Business is the annual get together for the sales force of this Canadian Multinational that sells software and digital solutions, content management protocols and consulting to goverments, other multinationals and international organizations.

3 days of lectures, coffee breaks, conferences, live music, stand up comedy, parties and team building activities were registered, organized and edited by the audiovisual team of Algo Bueno. Guests from Germany, UK, France, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and the USA enjoyed the many attractions of the and had a lot of fun while competing for the best performance in selling millions of dollars in services globally.

The event was organized in Barcelona by Lifestyle Experience Group in coordination with Opium Mar, Ab Skipper Hotel, Arts Hotel, Llotja de Mar and Algo Bueno among other companies.