Fashion Photography for Non-Photographers for FD Moda

Fashion Photography for Non-Photographers

Algo Bueno Studio has developed Fashion Photography Sessions and Workshops for designers and non photographers involved in the creative process and comunication of fashion products.

Young designers from FD Moda in Barcelona have had the opportunity to learn and shoot their own collections understanding and controlling the production and post production of editorial, catalog and press images. It has been very interesting to see the development of concepts and production from designers who normally develop other type of tasks during the product process.

Author: DesignThinkers Group Spain

Our work includes design research, design thinking, strategy, service / experience design and contents production. ESPAÑOL Somos una empresa dedicada a la Investigación de usuarios, Project management y Formación. Ayudamos a empresas y organizaciones a entender mejor el entorno social y cultural en el que desarrollan sus actividades y con base en ello formulamos ideas que facilitan la interacción con usuarios y públicos. Entendemos los procesos de interacción con grupos sociales a través de la investigación, la consultoría y la gestión de proyectos de innovación para procesos comerciales, sociales, educativos o de gobierno.

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